Mix Fruit

Groovy has combined all powers in this sachet. The power of health, the power in one!

Made with goodness of
mixed fruits

Because we know it’s not easy for you to love all of us - that’s how real life works. At Least not every day, not unconditionally. Certainly there are days when you won’t like one of us - like you won’t like my friend apple some day, or guava the other.

Here’s a promise that Groovy gave us. On those days, you will not have to wonder if you like or dislike us, one sip and everything will dissolve to goodness in your mouth. On all days, you find us completely overwhelming - But we hope you love that about us.

What’s in the pouch?

NO Added Preservatives

NO Synthetic Colours

Finest Quality Pulp

Pure Refined Sugar

Start a healthy day with this juice which is devoid of adulterations, artificial colors, or preservatives. It’s perfectly safe for your entire family. The perfect assortment of fresh fruits is squeezed in the world’s fastest machine to deliver all the goodness.