Your doctor on days when you’re weak. One sip of me & your immunity will be on peak!

Made with ruby
like anar

Never I’ve thought about ‘I-should-have-been-there’. Because through thick and thin, I’ve wanted to be around you. I’ve craved to become your doctor on days you complained you felt dehydrated and on days you wanted to feel rejuvenated, I wanted to be therapeutic. Groovy has made me stronger. On days you feel weak, one sip and you’ll be good to go.

Blended with finest-quality seeds, I know a few of you think I’m costly. I wanted to be owned by each one of you. So, here I am, with my alter ego- Groovy. No colors, no preservatives, no pollutants.

What’s in the pouch?

NO Added Preservatives

NO Synthetic Colours

Finest Quality Pulp

Pure Refined Sugar

How you wish we could just say whatever and move on. Well, doing things half heartedly is not our mantra - So take a sip every time you want to boost your immunity system or give a push to your body, get going!